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Corporate league building

Poetry is a leaf, shorter than autumn and longer than the world. Because the sun is warm in autumn, we should gather joy. In autumn in Zhejiang, there is always a color that makes you want to go for a walk. We will begin this autumn to allow everyone to enjoy the fun of traveling in autumn, to strengthen team cohesion, and to enhance feelings between each other.

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The world's hustle and bustle caresses mortals' hearts the most. Washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, lighting a fire, cooking, and working together to prepare a variety of delectable dishes. I thought it was a dull city, but it took me on a journey of delicious food and face value. Isn't the sense of ritual in life derived from this series of delicacies?

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After a meal, the afternoon sun is ideal. We sped down the track, gliding between the green and yellow. There's so much to come right now! To have fun, run around, and laugh hysterically. It is then that you realize the value of your companions and the beauty of the world.

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One thing, even if it is beautiful, once it has no result, don't pester again. You will be tired and tired after a long time; If you can't catch a person, you should let go at the right time. You will be grieved and heartbroken after a long time. From the beginning to the end, I am very glad that we have been together like a big family, working hard together and playing happily together. Even if we have any troubles, we can listen to each other and confide in each other. We are the right people to meet each other.

The best way to live is to run along the ideal road with a group of like-minded people, with a story of all the way back, a firm step down, and a clear distance up.

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Post time: Jan-29-2023