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RAINSUN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. is a China-based supplier, factory, and manufacturer of high-quality traditional costumes. Our company prides itself on its commitment to quality craftsmanship and design, which shine through in every one of our products. Our traditional costumes are expertly crafted using the finest materials, giving them an authenticity that is unmatched by other suppliers. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that they are not only beautiful but also durable enough to last for years to come. Whether you're looking for a traditional Chinese cheongsam, Japanese kimono or Korean hanbok, we have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Each piece is made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit for every body type and style preference. We understand the importance of traditional costumes and the role they play in cultural and historical representation. That is why we are dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled quality and service, so you can be proud to wear our traditional costumes on any occasion. Trust RAINSUN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. to be your go-to supplier for all your traditional costume needs.

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